Smart Building/Factory Solution

The facility management for new building is necessary to operate and maintain building automation system to respond as needs of occupants or building management team including security in building, equipment’s life and consuming efficient electrical energy in building. Thus, digital technology is designed and applied on each building that has disparate usage to follow needs of owners or facility management team who is able to manage completely rapidly and trendy.

What you’ll get

Technology of connection standard including sensors will be connected facility/building systems via network system such as electrical system, air condition, sanitary, telecommunication, security and fire protection system that all will be connected with essential function to facility/building systems in order to be the most effective and meet customer’s unique needs such as controlling systems, alerting in advance as routine maintenance before breakdown equipment, or  servicing repair rapidly in our platform on smart devices/smart phones/tablets including remoting to your system via our system

Smart Home Solution

Home, resident is able to monitor/control devices or facilities status via smart devices or it is called “smart phone/tablet” on your network in order to accommodation can meet user’s needs usefully and easily including remoting your own system by our system.

What you’ll get

Technology of sensors manage and control electrical devices in home and facility via internet such as turning on/off lighting, alarm message or status of devices in home. Controlling devices are be connected, it supports security and your lifestyle more comfortable and convenient. This solution aids customers change normal home to smart home and saving energy.   

Facility Management Solution

The facility management is essential for organizations because the service will assist to manage facilities or building use services in order to meet users’ needs or operational services completely and strategically. In short, facility services need support services and engineering services.

What you’ll get

Facility management software aid to manage places or facilities including services, plan, report, human resource services and responding users that need to solve solution that is proactive or responsively reactive with recording data in order to enhance and encourage service management to be more strategic.   

Fire Protection System Solution

The fire protection system is in all buildings such as shopping mall or shopping center where many people visit. If the fire protection system is installed incorrectly, people will be got accident to life and owner’s assets will be damaged, it currently is designed more reliable and capable to detect smoke in hidden areas such as electrical room, control room or hidden room, furthermore, it is installed in open space or heat area where is risk of causing fire such as data center, storage, museum, church and warehouse. The fire protection system can scan air around and it can specify direction correctly, in addition to, it is smart and suitable for use in all environments. Thus, fire protection and fire suppression system can meet customer’s needs and it has high safety to property or life in your buildings or area. 

Integrated security system

Security system with crowded people is most important when it is mentioned about facility management. The prototype of security system is expensive and mistaken which causes to hire more security guards in order to cover big area or crowed people, so that Integrated security system is new technology by using AI to analyze situation that make more security than before and reduce security guards cost.

What you’ll get

The customer’s benefits : Integrated security system with AI is intelligent security with high technology that will enhance security area and reduce human resource cost. Reducing risk of damaged assets and life, we provide our security system there are CCTV system, Access control, intrusion system. They can integrate system with AI that assist to monitor or analyze your situation and surveillance with security guards, or they can replace some duty work of human to keep your facility safe and reliable

Data Center

Data centers have to consider about usage performance to be suitable and comply Data center standard; designing structure or area, data center building systems, facility management, materials, installation, operation and preventive maintenance in order to meet customer’s needs. Indeed, the main of data centers  are in good environmental.

What you’ll get

We have data center system and equipment that is necessary for specific data storage. Small/large data center consists of electrical system, air conditioning, UPS, ventilation, raised floor, fire suppression, water leak, database system, access control, CCTV and other facilities in server room.

Manage Energy

Thailand building control act implements facility energy management in organization effectively and continuously so that analysis and control technology is necessary to organizations

What you’ll get

We develop facility energy management software continuously to manage and analyze energy consumption in buildings such as electrical consumption, water consumption or other. The facility energy management software is a tool to reduce operating cost by displaying on dashboard which we use data to manage energy to be useful.


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