Automation & Management

Building Automation System

Building management system product is be flexible for unique buildings and customer’s needs in order to get the most effective, reliable, simple and friendly-user by the system is used via web browser for solving former  facility operation that operates only in control room. This system will analyze problem promptly and directly it seems like engineering operation’s tool to enhance easy usage and make image of centralized facility management. ANY SUPPLY can provide completely solutions including product, software, sensors, program, graphic to complete user’s needs by our responsibility.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

The centralized data center product is used for verifying, following, and managing of energy consumption management, environmental variable, space management, equipment’s life. Regardless of any organizations require data center which is friendly environment and saving energy consumption, easy and convenient management via web browser. ANY SUPPLY can provide completely solutions including product, software, sensors, program, graphic to complete user’s needs by our responsibility.

Security System

Integrated security system product with AI is high intelligent technology that aids to reduce management cost of human resource and property damage. It is one of them that popular for offices, high buildings, accommodations, housing villages, hospitals, schools, universities, factories, or public areas such as subway or sky train. ANY SUPPLY can provide completely solutions including product, software, sensors, program, graphic to complete user’s needs by our responsibility.    

CCTV System

CCTV system product uses with security for monitoring situations in areas  that CCTV is installed via internet or network system by users can remote for keeping security within house, office, factory and mall with additional functions such as smart analyzing situations will reduce cost and enhance effective of engineering operation. The security system also can integrate to other systems; access control, intrusion, and building management system

Access Control System

Access control system product allows authorized person to access restring area including verifying identification person in database and protecting visitor who is unauthorized person accesses to restring area. The system has database storage can be used for security and personal resource in buildings and, it can be integrated system by connecting to other systems such as CCTV, intrusion and building management system.

Intrusion System

Intrusion system product supports area use from small area to big buildings such as house, high buildings, factory etc. Alarm device is used when intruder try to access the restring area. Burglar alarm protects intruder form robbing life and property by alerting to security guard or engineering operation. In short, the system can be integrated with CCTV, Access control and building management system.

Car Park System

 Parking management system product aid to manage car parking space to be useful, effective, and enhancing image of organizations.  The system will work with intelligent devices and high precision such as gate barrier, card dispenser, license plate system, counting, entry display and car park software. In short, it can connect to integrated system such as CCTV, Access control and building management system.


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Power quality management system product encompasses a comprehensive offering of power management solutions from small size to big one such as UPS, STS, PDUs, software  uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), DC power solutions, surge protective devices, switchgear, power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring, meters, software, capacitor in order to protect damaged devices and electronic devices (specific computer and connectivity) the cause of abnormal power is power failure, blackout, surges and over voltage.

Fire Protection System

Fire alarm and fire protection system consists of highly sensitivity fire alarm, Fire protection and fire suppression. We bring technique and technology to design them to be high reliable and effective and cover safety  to save life and protect damaging asset. Additionally, we can integrate building management system for verifying status via smart phone or smart devices including using CCTV system and access control system aid to identify person, and also can connect to Building automation system.

Public Address Voice Alarm System

Public address and voice alarm system product for new current building is flexible and reliable to be One life safety. Public address and voice alarm system for public area and modern building is different from former fire alarm system that can connect and operate with other system as the result, increasing security with our life in all situations. For analyzing advanced technology can verify speaker wire and back up risk-free dynamic data. Not only increase the strength of the system, but also reduce procurement and maintenance cost followed as the EN54-16 standard is the European standard for voice alarm systems.

Network Backbone

Network system product is centralization, which is connected to other system such as CCTV, access control, public address, smart building, building management system. It makes sure that design can meet solution and support expanding systems in future.  

Home Automation System

Smart building product makes your house smarter, convenient, and comfortable such as managing security, temperature, lighting and access control via computer or phone

Facility Management Service Required

FACILITY SERVICE REQUEST system product for enhancing effective and proactive management to be more strategy, we combined IT technology and call service systems to be building/facility management platform. In part of building/facility management team can check existing works, manage manpower resources, service request. In part of users can make service request to our platform by themselves and track on each procedure until work is done. The system will manage all requests and send them to person who is related to that field in order to solve and record the problem in standard database. We do all  to make your building/business continuously with sustainably, enhance effective operation including optimizing quality of productive and reduce management cost

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